Foo Fighters play gay (but still deny HIV – AIDS link)

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Seeking to promote their upcoming tour, American rock band Foo Fighters have hit the showers for a new video called Rope, featuring an all-male romp at a country truck stop.

The video is typical gay-send up fare – the video has as many dropped-soap references as possible in four minutes – but the comedy belies a long-held belief by Foo Fighters that calls into question the validity of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, a disease that affects many in the gay community.

Back in 2000, Foo Fighters began to publicly support Alive & Well, an organisation that denies the link between HIV and AIDS and advises that those on antiretroviral drugs should not take medicine to counter the disease.

Alive & Well also questions the validity of HIV tests.

In January 2000, Foo Fighters played a benefit concert for the organisation and contributed songs to The Other Side of AIDS, a controversial documentary film that questions whether HIV is the cause of AIDS. The band’s position caused alarm in the medical community, as Alive & Well’s advice ran contrary to scientific knowledge about HIV and AIDS.

In a 2000 interview, Mendel spoke of using Foo Fighters’ popularity to help spread the group’s message and of holding more benefits for the organisation.

Media personality Steven Gray posted the video on his website this morning, calling the band “The Killers”.

“They need to publicly apologise for what they did,” he says. “They got a lot of fan and media attention for an idea that was never proved, is still out there with their names in it, and they have never in the last 11 years set the record ‘straight’ that they were ill-informed.”

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2 Responses to Foo Fighters play gay (but still deny HIV – AIDS link)

  1. Skip says:

    If you’d bothered to do your research properly, you’d know that the Foo Fighters distanced themselves from the Alive & Well organisation years ago.

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    • Editor says:

      Hi Skip, we’re happy to change the story but can’t see any evidence to support this claim other than a small tidbit regarding the band website no longer linking to Alive & Well. Feel free to send us some information.

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