DNA makes changes at the top

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Changes have been made to the main staff at new Auckland GLBT bar DNA, with former director Toby Steele exiting and Cindy of Samoa taking a more official business role. 

Toby Steele’s unofficial exit came before Christmas, when it was rumoured he left Auckland to seek rest and relaxation in Northland. Now, express is informed that Steele has left New Zealand altogether, leaving his management role at DNA. 
Performer Cindy of Samoa has come in as DNA’s director, a role she says is very different from her on-stage persona. 

“When I’m on stage I’m very dominant and really demanding in my expectations of people, but when it comes to business I’m very low key and prefer to work quietly behind the scenes. When I’m at the club as the director of the place, I’m very calm and don’t speak in the high tone people know on stage. I’m a very different person!”

The role at DNA differs slightly from Cindy’s work as a business consultant to Family and Naval, which she did when new owners took over from Family Bar’s Wayne Clarke last year. 
Cindy has been working at DNA for some time now, but has just taken over the directorial role officially. 

“I’ve been here so much over the last few months, doing everything from security to picking up glasses and being a hostess,” says Cindy. “I’ve been doing everything!”

Cindy says she has been doing the work unofficially because she is emotionally invested in DNA.

“I care a lot about the people who work there,” she says. “I don’t want to see people go out of work because there’s no one there to run the place and promote it. Those people mean a lot to me and I want to take care of them.”

You can follow Cindy’s promotions for DNA at her page on Facebook, or at www.facebook.com/dnabar.



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  1. punter says:

    Good on you Cindy!

    First thing to do is get a mid priced sauvignon blanc, no not a cheap one and the crowds will stay!!

    Good luck

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