Editorial: New beginnings

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It’s with a heavy heart and a couple of tears that I write this.

I put in my notice as editor of express magazine and gayexpress.co.nz today and will be finishing up here on Friday 07 September.

I started at express back in October 2008 with a certain amount of trepidation. I was coming into a role that had been in a state of flux prior to my appointment, and as an only-slightly-bent woman with a boyfriend, I knew I was stepping into murky waters. There were a few murmurings online about a “straight, radical-acting feminist” taking over the role that got me a little scared, but when people started talking about my first issue at the helm – where I interviewed Helen Clark and John Key just prior to the election – I started to feel like I might be okay. John Key told us who he’d “go gay” for. The Herald made express into an Emmerson’s cartoon. Things started to build and we saw a real momentum shift with both express and the community’s involvement in it.

For the last almost four years, express has seen some big changes and celebrated some big milestones. We started out by changing the focus of the mag to include themed issues, which has brought a huge number of fantastic people out of the woodwork – from arts and culture to organics and even motoring, we’ve found some truly special people to talk to about what makes their lives extraordinary (and their sexuality either pretty ordinary or a complete non-issue). Last year was particularly big – express launched its daily news website just before Outgames in March 2011, the magazine celebrated its 500th issue in May, we saw 25 years of Law Reform in July, and then express went glossy in August.

It’s pretty hard to walk away from all of this – in the past I’ve been desperate to leave jobs; this time I feel like I’m leaving a family. The last four years have been an awesome experience – I absolutely love express and I’m very proud of not only the work done, but the amount the community has responded to us and contributed.

I’m moving on to the wonderful world of food writing in just over a month. It’s a bit scary, a bit exciting and hopefully just as fun as working for express has been. We’ll be looking for a new editor really soon, so if you’re interested in taking on what I have described as “the most fun you can have sitting down”, start getting your CV and portfolio together.

Keep in touch!

Hannah JV



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3 Responses to Editorial: New beginnings

  1. Bipolar Bear says:

    Thanks for all your amazing work, Hannah.

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  2. Matt says:

    Food writer! That sounds fun!

    Thanks so much for being so amazing Hannah. You have steered that ship well and indeed taken it in valuable new directions. I love that second paragraph in particular – I remember that day when you published John Key’s reply to the ‘who would you turn gay for?’ question and I was bristling with jealously at you getting a fun scoop!

    All the very best for the future and I know you’ll stay in touch with the many friends you’ve made in the job.

    Matt xx

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  3. You’ve been a brilliant editor, Hannah – this writer’s going to miss you, for sure!

    xx Dee

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