Maggie Barry thinks trans issues are “fringe issues”

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Last night former garden show host and current National Party MP, Maggie Barry, attacked Jan Logie’s advocacy of transgender rights during the first reading of the Income Tax (Universalisation of In-Work Tax Credit) Amendment Bill .

Barry said during her speech that the Green Party are repeatedly providing socialist measures in response to key concerns. Speaking in regards to child poverty she continued to attack The Green Party saying, “how many questions do they ever ask in the house about the environment?” and continued to rattle off a list of Green Party concerns.

She then turned her attention to Jan Logie saying, “what’s your favourite Ms Logie? ahh… sex change people going into prisons,” calling it a “fringe issue.”

Green Party MP Jan Logie, who is a keen trans-rights advocate says the statement was offensive, “Conduct in the House is often disappointing but this comment from Maggie Barry showed a level of meanness and ignorance that was jaw dropping.”

“I am proud to stand up for the human rights of all New Zealanders, especially the most marginalised. I see this as a core Green value.”

“The Minister’s response to my question back in April demonstrated a significant level of ignorance about trans issues. In response I wrote to her offering to organise a trans 101 training for her and key advisors. The Minister did not even respond.”

“Sadly we are still in a situation where there is no policy that gurantees protection for transgender prisoners which is why some people are forced to appeal for home detention. It is unacceptable to leave the safety of anyone to the ruling of a judge.”

You can watch Maggie Barry's speech here

| Sarah Murphy



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2 Responses to Maggie Barry thinks trans issues are “fringe issues”

  1. JasmineFan says:

    god she has aged.

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  2. Diane Sparkes says:

    Being Transgender is not a fringe issue.

    Ms Barry has no idea what it is like to be Trans, her statements are flippant and offensive, show lack of understanding and questionable values, when she uses the most marginalised and discriminated against members of society as political fodder.

    Transgender bashing at the highest level!

    Instead of hitting back at the green party for trying to achieve governmental recognition on transgender issues, she should be sponsoring the Human Rights commissions report given to the government in 2008 on the importance and issues facing transgender people.

    However in spite of this information being available to her and all members of this National led government, nothing has been done after five + years; Understanding the issue still seems beyond many in the party that some consider the issues fringe. How long do Trans people need to wait for equality?

    It is a bit rich for Ms Barry to ignore all the information available and instead attack the Green party when they try to do something positive on this same matter!

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