Health: Pacific bound?

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So you’ve decided to whisk your partner away to a romantic island retreat or run away with some friends for some well-deserved RnR. Here are a few medical tips to consider when travelling to your exotic destination.

Some vaccinations may be needed. You’ll need specific advice from your doctor, but in general a hepatitis A vaccination is a good idea for any travel. Other vaccines that may be important are polio and typhoid, plus you should check your tetanus status. If malaria is present in the area you are travelling in, you should start taking malaria tablets before getting there.

Vomiting and diarrhoea can really ruin your holiday, so taking meds for these can make you a lot more comfortable. For some countries it can be a good idea to pack some antibiotics for ‘travellers diarrhoea’ – this is diarrhoea and fever and can be very nasty, but it will often respond to certain antibiotics quickly. And while you’re asking your doctor for prescriptions grab a script for condoms too – you never know your luck!

Planning on a tan, all over or otherwise? Remember to take an effective sunscreen, as melanoma is a reasonably common and very serious skin cancer. You may not come back as dark as you’d like, but you’ll be sparing yourself the risk down the road.

See, just a little forward planning can make sure you get maximum pleasure during your much-needed, tropical break.

| Dr Roy Knill

Roy is a general practitioner at Citymed, a large inner-city Auckland general practice located at 8 Albert St. Roy lives with his partner Alister and enjoys music, boating and travel. He’s always loved living in Ponsonby and can often be seen with a newspaper and coffee in one of the many local cafés.



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    Get a general advice from your doctor before starting your journey. Carry first aid kit in order to avoid any health hazards.

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