Taylor to say his final goodbyes

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The enigmatic Peter Taylor is saying his final goodbyes, revealing he will “let go” of his “very tired and painful body” following the Cartier Bereavement Trust’s fundraiserPeter Taylor – A Celebration.

The beloved owner of Dots, long-time HIV survivor and tireless contributor to the GLBTI community revealed in a blog post that he has made some big decisions: “The recent time in hospital with the ear scrap and the liver infarct was enough to put a big NO to any further invasive action. No operations, no cuts and no pain, as I can’t do it anymore. I have a big commitment I am hanging around for.

“On the day after my dinner engagement I will cease all medications and treatments and let nature take its course. The Doctors assume it will take about 5 to 10 days and whoopee I’m out of here,” he says.

“You probably have not met someone so excited about parting from this world. Being wrapped in love, without fear, happy and excited about my new adventure leaves me in no doubt as to I am ready. So much to do for this trip and no packing.”

Taylor says he has also been waiting for his final book to be published and says now that it has he feels ” it was clear there was nothing left for me to do on this earth.”

His book Past My Expiry Date is an exploration of how and why he is the only person in the world to live with both leishmaniasis and HIV.” I speak of my conditioning as a child to be prepared for uncertainties and to toughen up. I also tell of the lessons I learnt on the way through this extraordinary struggle,” says Taylor.

“I leave you with a huge amount of inspiration, tools that may help, a mindset that has lasted all my life and in usual Peter Taylor terms I did it all my way. Don’t sing the song. This book is strong, powerful and reflects the growth of self awareness. A small book designed as an E Book I have also published in paperback for those without the technology and like the tactility of a book as they read in bed with a cup of hot chocolate.”

You can purchase the ebook here or order a hard copy here.

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2 Responses to Taylor to say his final goodbyes

  1. Peter Taylor is a very humble man, who showers us all with inspiration and love. Peter I salute you, and thank you for being my friend.
    When that final day comes, you will be someone else’s gain and our loss, as I know you will inspire others in your next journey.
    Will love and admire you always.
    Love you.
    Karen Ritchie
    Cartier Trust.

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  2. Papa Bear says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Karen. A true gentleman & an inspiration to us all. So many love you Peter & we all wish you Great Joy & Fabulosity on the rest of your journey.
    Much Love
    Paul Heard.

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