Tauranga local told by bouncers – “He’s a she/he and we don’t let them in here’.”

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A Tauranga local  has been refused entry to a local bar and was told by the bouncers that they don’t let “he/she’s” in.

Tauranga bar the Bahama Hut has refused service to Jamen Staiger  a number of times of the past year reports The Bay of Plenty Times.

The 24 year old who doesn’t drink has been told by bouncers on a number of occasions that intoxication was the reason for refused entry to the bar – two weeks ago Staiger was wearing make up, heels and a dress out to town and told was told this was the reason for denied entry.

“I’d had nothing to drink that night and they said, ‘You’re drunk, get out,” says Staiger. ”Then they said it’s the way you dress. To my friends they said, ‘He’s a she/he and we don’t let them in here’.”

Staigner was diagnosed with Klinefelter’s syndrome a year ago, ”Basically you are part woman, part male, and I notice it all the time. I want to be a woman but on the other hand I want to be a guy and it’s really confusing for me,” he says.

Klinefelter’s syndrome is a condition that occurs in men who have an extra X chromosome in most of their cells.

A friend who was with Staigner at the time says, “They just kept saying he’s too drunk. That’s when I said, ‘Is it because of the way he’s dressed’? They said, ‘Yes, other people might get offended’.”

“Then he was across the road and they were pointing him out and laughing. Then they started pulling the fingers to him across the road. Personally I think the bouncers at Bahama Hut are very unprofessional.”

The Bahama Hut have not commented on the incident.

| Sarah Murphy

| Image: Andrew Warner



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One Response to Tauranga local told by bouncers – “He’s a she/he and we don’t let them in here’.”

  1. Racheal says:

    People need be careful here.
    Going by the story……
    He is a ‘Gay male’ who identifies as ‘male’.
    It would seem he is ‘Intersex’, is that ‘Transgender’? Not according to HRC.
    He likes to go out dressed as ‘female’, so wouldnt that make hime a ‘Drag Queen’?

    The bar are wrong it would seem to me but please becareful before making more out of it..

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