UK Government refuse to set date for first same-sex marriages

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Same-sex couples in England and Wales may have to wait a year before they can legally marry, despite the marriage equality bill passing four months ago.

The UK Government is silent on the issue, not publically revealing what is holding up the process.

Gay Star News reports that it will cost up to £5,003,000 to reform computer systems to allow same-sex couples to marry, keep current civil partnerships and to allow transgender people to change their legal gender without having to dissolve their current marriage.

They report that the UK Government is hoping same-sex marriages will boost the country’s economy by up to £17,400,000 and that they expect the system to be put under pressure when the current 70,000 civil partnerships across Wales and England are converted to marriage.

A Department for Culture, Media and Sport spokesman has commented that the Government requires privacy to freely and frankly discuss the bill and says: ‘The loss of such frankness and candour would damage the quality of the advice and deliberation, which would lead to poorer decision-making in this sensitive area.”

The UK Government has been quiet on the issue since Queen Elizabeth II signed the bill in to law on 17 July.

The spokesperson when on to say that their “priority is to put all necessary arrangements in place to ensure that marriage of same-sex couples can take place as soon as possible.”

| Sarah Murphy

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  1. A government figure estimated that there are 3.6 million homosexual people in Britain comprising 6 per cent of the population.

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