Christmas Cheers 2013

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Te Mete Solomon Smith - Contemporary Gay Maori Artist

Christmas is like Art, full of colour, love and splendour but most importantly… meaning! Happy times are made over summer eating fresh food, deserts and drinking bottles of Champagne! Remember loved ones who have passed. It’s not how much we give but how much we put into giving Savour your memories. The biggest gift you can give is to say thank-you. Make the time to call, visit and say I love you. Allow yourself to feast like a King or Queen.Spend time having fun, enjoying nature and looking at great art.Christmas…  I wish you all a very blessed season with all the joy, peace and love in the world, and remember… We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill


TLYCLYC - Team from the NZAF

Three Ho’s from Team LYC! Let’s face it – summer is sexy. There is something about getting out and having fun in the hot weather during the holiday season that raises the sexual pitch in most of us. A little outdoor action is always fun, and there can be something very sexy about a fuck in a grove of trees by a beach or in the sand-dunes. Just be careful where you get the sand! With all that flesh around, and so many more opportunities to enjoy it, remember to pack your condoms and lube along with your sunscreen and towel. There’s no reason not to get out there and have fun in the sun with someone, but make sure you’re prepared. Order your free condom and lube packs at


TUrgePaul and Alan - Urge Bar Owners

It’s been a big year of change at Urge and it certainly has been a challenging time for us, but we are still here celebrating 16 years as the longest running gay men’s bar in the country. We have to thank all our amazingly loyal patrons who have supported us throughout 2013 – we could not do it without you. We also want to say a special thanks to our staff and DJs – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Paul and Alan


Buckwheat - Divine Drag DivaTBucky

It’s the festive season once again and as the years go by it seems to roll around faster. It’s a time to reflect on the year that’s gone by and to plan for the one that’s fast approaching. A time for family, friends and festivities that only this time of the year brings. Whatever brings you joy this holiday season whether it be family, holidays, food, the beach, the farm, the bach, going crazy or totally chilling-out I wish you the most fabulous and safe festive season. Spread some sparkle about, sprinkle some glitter into life and always share the love. Major Christmas mwahs Buckwheat xox


Louisa Wall - Rainbow Labour MPTLouisa

Kia Ora rainbow whanau, wishing you a very Merry Christmas 2013 and a fantastically happy New Year 2014. May we celebrate these festivities with friends and family and those we share a special affinity, commitment and passion with. And in all that we do during this busy time, may we be safe and loving and be the change we wish to see in the world. Kia kaha! Arohanui, Louisa.


TGArnetladiesLisa Prager & Verity George - Garnet Station Cafe

With the silly season upon us; Summer sun, festive occasions and the delight of friends and family, it’s nearly time to put the year to bed. This year of snakes and ladders has been a rollercoaster ride beginning with the joy of the Pride Gala, followed by the unforeseen closure of our cafe and rounding off with the buzz of opening nights. We loved hosting the lesbians at Dykes on Mics and ALBA. And even though we’ve gone digital with the Garnet Station App we’re still looking forward to unplugging this Xmas and chilling out in true Kiwi style, in nature. Hope you do too.


TAMIE-WEEAmie Wee - Woman About Town/ Event Organiser/ Behind the Scenes in the NZ Porn Industry

It’s only been in the last six years since moving to New Zealand that my mindset around Christmas has changed dramatically. What used to be a day of high stress (from food preparation to gift buying), changed when I moved from Australia and left all of my family behind. When I’m lucky enough to get home and spend the day with my mum, which is only every second or third year, I find our Christmas’s are much more enjoyable and stress-free because we’re just stoked to be spending the day together, rather than trying to put on a production. Don’t get me wrong though, the Kiwi Christmas’s I have in-between are lovely and spent with friends and my partner’s family but I still find I get that pang for home when I wake up on the 25th.


TLYNLYLynley and Ally - Married on Monday 19 August 2013 on an Air NZ Flight

What an amazing year 2013 has been… achieving marriage equality in New Zealand is certainly something to be proud of. We feel privileged to have shared our wedding, to stand up publicly and say we are proud of who we are, and that we believe that all people should be equal. From our little family, we would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year. Stand tall, and be proud!


TBRUCEBruce Kilmister - CEO of Body Positive

I want to wish everyone a  fantastic Christmas and New Year holiday season. This is the one time of the year we can all relax and take time to recharge the batteries. I imagine some of us will give the batteries a bit of a hammering through the party season but hey – that’s OK. Just remember to love yourself and your friends as safely as you can. Come back in the New Year in good health, heart, and spirit, ready to make a difference – because you can.


TLLeif Wauters - Prior express Editor

There are few times on the calendar more packed with joy and celebration than the sunny spot between years, but with the infestation of consumerism it’s often hard to remember the real gifts we have to give – our time, our consideration and our positive energy, which is surprisingly endless. Through Christmas and New Years gatherings my husband and I plan on spreading those three essential gifts to the people we care for while we regroup and remind each other how blessed we are to ride this complicated life together. There’s little need for stylish wrapping when giving love and support for what’s sure to be another fascinating and challenging year for both whanau and humanity. Feel free to re-gift it and enjoy the much-deserved rays of summer’s break.


TLADYPLady Penelope - 2IC express 

Yay! It’s finally time for a paws. We’re entering the best time of year, where we can all lie about in the sun and play on the beach. Everyone can get together and celebrate life. We can be close to all the people we love and have cuddles. Reach out to new friends and enjoy all the pleasures and freedoms we share in New Zealand. I look forward to a fresh New Year and more furry family in the 2014 Pride Parade! Thank-you to the dedicated team of people who have worked together and made express what it is. With love to all the community.


TBErthaBertha - Icon

While glazing your organic ham and stuffing that free-range turkey, spare a thought for those less fortunate than you. Oh honey, I don’t mean the downtrodden or the homeless. I’m talking about those poor young gays who weren’t around in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s to participate in the halcyon days and nights of GAY life in Auckland. As you lay your Christmas table and pull your crackers, don’t forget to stuff your stockings with love and laughter, which will keep us all young! And remember to mark February the 8th in all your diaries for the Staircase Reunion! Watch me unleash mirth and vitriol on my beloved sisters, Buckwheat, Tess and a host of B grade wannabes. With old and new skool tunes by master DJs Alex Taylor, Bevan Keys, James Leuii and Tony Young that will make your butt tremble and your knees pop. So dust of those chaps and lycra shorts over Christmas, darlings. Dry-clean the Drag. We are going to Party!

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  1. Selena Clarke says:

    great post and brought to mind the guys at URGE bar and all that they do for the Community. Its not known but when I was looking for a venue for the last lesbian Velvet Alley event Paul and Alan where extremely generous in allowing us to use their venue for the sake of the lesbian community. Interestingly each time I needed to meet with them for discussions I found them either over at Caluzzi packing condoms for NZAF or on route to some other charity fundraiser. It brings to mind how much our community in this small country is supported by the kindness and goodwill of certain individuals who work far more behind the scenes than we warrant them with. Interestingly the last time I bumped into Paul was at the funeral of Pete Taylor, another pillar in our community who will be greatly missed

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