NZ VIPs Welcome Auckland Pride Festival

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With arms wide open and legs akimbo, NZ’s biggest city is getting prepared for our country’s largest GLBTI celebration. Many of NZ’s most prominent and influential kiwis contacted express to congratulate our community. Here are a few of our favourites:




03-Mayor-Len-Brown-For-Distribution_005Mayor of Auckland Len Brown

What a stunning year it has been for our rainbow community! Auckland embraced its inaugural Pride Festival, a fortnight of celebrating the place and participation of GLBTI Aucklanders in our lives, our families, our neighbourhoods and our communities. Later in the year, we took a great step forward in our maturity as a nation with the passing of the Marriage Amendment Act.  Auckland’s diversity is its strength. Commonalities are a vital part of our social fabric. Events like this are critically important as we work towards being an inclusive city where everyone knows they belong and have a voice in our shared future. Events which help us celebrate our triumphs, our differences and our commonalities are a vital part of our social fabric. Events like this are critically important as we work towards being an inclusive city where everyone knows they belong and have a voice in our shared future. Welcome to Auckland Pride month and enjoy the Auckland Pride Festival!



Prime Minister John Key

I would like to wish everyone all the best for the Pride Festival.  I have attended the Big Gay Out for several years now and it gets bigger and better every year. It is a wonderful celebration and I am looking forward to this year’s event.



03-David-Cunliffe-IMG_9118Leader of the Labour Party David Cunliffe

Welcome to the Auckland Pride Festival. This unique series of events adds to Auckland’s reputation as the most exciting, diverse and go-ahead city in the South Pacific. Some people simply tolerate diversity: in the Labour Party we celebrate it, and I’m proud to lead a party that spearheaded the historic enactment of marriage equality last year. This rainbow community festival is about creativity, inclusivity, self-expression, and cultural engagement – qualities central to our vision for a more equal and progressive society. We will be campaigning at this year’s election on opportunities for New Zealanders of all backgrounds and orientation. I urge express readers to participate and make the most of the opportunities presented by this festival. I look forward to joining you this year as Leader of the Opposition. And at next year’s events, along with Labour’s incredibly talented rainbow MPs, as your new Prime Minister!



The Green Party

Congratulations to Pride for bringing back the Parade as a permanent centrepiece for Auckland’s most fabulous and glamorous festival. The Greens are proud to once again be part of celebrating rainbow pride – have a fantastic time, and we’ll see you there!
- Jan, Kevin, Metiria, Russel and the entire Green team.



03-NK-Headshot-2012v1MP for Auckland Central Nikki Kaye

The Pride Festival provides what I hope is an enduring platform for communities across Auckland to celebrate the GLBTI community. I feel very privileged to have been involved with the return of the Parade, and it’s superb to see the Festival growing in strength each year. The Parade enables Aucklander’s to see the heart and diversity of the GLBTI community. The Parade gives people the chance to celebrate who they are, while also raising awareness and tolerance of the community. Wishing everybody a superb 2014 Pride Festival!


03-Jacinda-ArdernLabour List MP for Auckland Central Jacinda Ardern

Wishing all express readers a fantastic Pride Festival! While there are a heap of amazing events to take part in, I’m going to shamelessly plug the Great Auckland Pride Debate. All profits go to OUTLine, and last year the debate sold out. Make sure you come and join us!




03-Louisa-WallChair of Labour Rainbow Caucus Louisa Wall

E te whanau takataapui, nga mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa. It is that inspiring time of the year again when we celebrate as a community, with our wider community, all that is unique and special about being GLBTI. Following on from last year’s inaugural Auckland Council supported Pride Festival, I am looking forward to all the things that this year’s Pride Festival brings from the gala opening to the (now) twilight Pride Parade two weeks later. And in between we will see our community shine in an array of arts and activities for everyone. I am particularly delighted at the inclusion of a Youth Leaders Conference this year, with the support of the US Embassy, and to the outcomes from that event. I look forward to seeing you at many of the events and to another successful Auckland Pride Festival.


03-CLAUDETTE-HAUITINational List MP Claudette Hauiti

Ka tu ana ahau ka uhia au e oku tipuna. My pride I will show, that you will know who I am. I am a warrior, a survivor. He morehu ahau. Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa te whanau Takataapui GLBTI. Celebrate the Pride Festival in the manner it deserves. Fill the Ponsonby streets with the eclectic sounds, vibrant colour and vivacious culture that helps give this great City of Auckland Tamakimakaurau – the isthmus of one thousand lovers’ its uniqueness. The Pride Festival is also a time to reflect on how far we have come as a community, as a country both socially and politically. We will proudly remember those who fought the great fight for us, those who sheltered, feed and educated us. E tino maumahara ana ahau e oku hoa a Bossy Mana, Jason Rameka, Rangi Chadwick, Kuini Mihaere. E oku hoa haere haere haere atu ra. Ki nga Takataapui Maori kaua e wareware: ‘He kakano tatou, i ruia mai, i Rangiatea. And we can never be lost, we are seeds born of greatness, descended from a line of Chiefs, He Kakano Tatou.Tu te Mana.


03-Alison-Mau_MG_0804Auckland Pride Gala Host Alison Mau

It’s great to see Auckland Pride growing from a few much-loved annual events, such as the Big Gay Out, into a fully fledged arts and culture festival with so many wonderful experiences available over a two week period. I’m honoured to be asked to host the Auckland Pride Gala – it promises to be a wonderful way to kick off the festivities!



03-kim-dotcom_1Internet entrepreneur Kim Dot Com

Thanks to the influence of gay pride, New Zealand doesn’t discriminate based on what you do in the bedroom, but the fight to protect personal freedoms is not over.





03-Blake2-e1285174439689Short track speed skater Blake Skjellerup

Happy Pride Aotearoa! We as New Zealanders have so much to be proud of, and how great is it that we can do so together. Pride isn’t something that happens once a year, it happens every day! I am proud everyday to say I come from New Zealand, I am proud everyday to say that I am gay, and I am so proud and happy that we can all come together to celebrate who we are.



03-Maryan---black-head-and-shouldersLabour List MP Maryan Street

Our GLBTI communities have come a long way in achieving equality before the law in the last few years. We should celebrate those achievements, Most recently of course, the marriage equality law. February’s Pride Festival is a wonderful opportunity to do that. The return of the Pride Parade is another cause for celebration as we state our presence publicly and demonstrate the richness of our diversity. I will be there as a lesbian Labour MP to help celebrate. I will also be there for our communities for the rest of the year, to continue to make progress on the work as yet unfinished.over a two week period. I’m honoured to be asked to host the Auckland Pride Gala – it promises to be a wonderful way to kick off the festivities!




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    L.Wall is the only VIP in my opinion in that list. Why do they need to have VIPS getting special treatment anyway? have the event where everyone just gets treated equally for a change, gosh theres so much hierachy on a daily basis, cant we just all get treated equally on this event for once in our bloody life, sick of been at the bottom all the time, not allowed acess to here for people specialer and betterer than you are.

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