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On a recent trip south, we decided to drop in at Cafe Kaos which is a gay run and owned little gem, in the heart of Pukekohe. 

It ticks all the boxes for a gay boys lunch destination, tasty fresh food, cool decor and tasty fresh staff. The decor is a mash-up of retro-fantastic amazingness, with old fashioned ironing boards and bar stools to sit at, 70’s booths and great formica dining sets.

The total piece-de-resistance though is the back room which is decorated with every sofa you ever sat on in the 1970’s and walls that are covered floor to ceiling with an incredible collection of old record sleeves. This is where they have their Friday night film sessions (the only night of the week they open).

The staff take friendly to a new level, the floor is manned by the two gay owners who each sat and chatted with us throughout the time we were there and the rest of the staff are cute young boys and girls who keep things running smoothly, while entertaining and flirting with the patrons.

This place is all about atmosphere – a turntable that plays music from the cafe’s enormous record collection, which was a veritable musical flashback to years gone-by.

The food is delicious, well-made cafe food. All day breakfast items like the almost-too-much-to-finish omelette with a choice of three ingredients and tasty eggs and bacon don’t break any boundaries as far as originality goes but they are prepared with love and the portions are so generous we felt full of honest yummy food for hours afterwards.

The chicken salad was crisp, packed with all of freshest vegetables currently in season and covered in a homemade dressing that I asked for the recipe of. There was even a gluten-free steak sandwich on toasted homemade bread for the delicate husbear. Specialties of the house that come highly recommended are the milkshakes that are served in pint glasses and are a taste sensation down memory lane.

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You can find Café Kaos at 44 Edinburgh Street, Pukekohe, Franklin or call 09 239 0331.



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  1. The food was super tasty and fresh. … ( read more )Really enjoyed the whole experience. Great service as well. Keep up the great work!

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