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express has been New Zealand’s leading LGBT+ media since 1992.
Our publications include a popular website, a full-gloss, national, monthly magazine (available in both printed and online form) and strong social media presence.

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express has been publishing in New Zealand since 1992.

express has expanded from a small A4-sized, four-page photocopied pamphlet to a minimum 40-page full gloss colour magazine now published monthly. The first accompanying website appeared 10 years ago.

express is published by Cornerstone Publications Ltd, an independent company incorporated in 1993. 

With offices in Ponsonby, four people are directly employed by the company. A wide range of contributors are also involved each month to broaden the scope and depth of both the magazine and website.

Richard Todd and Mat Anis look after both the business and advertising clients. 

Oliver Hall and Tim Owen are contributing editors.

Mat Anis is also responsible for the production of the monthly magazine and liaison with the designer, contributors, editorial team and advertising.

express and its publisher Cornerstone Publications Ltd are successful commercial publishers. express identifies gay males aged 16 to 44 years as its primary target audience. Secondary audiences include older males plus bisexual, lesbian and transgender persons.

express is constantly innovating. Recent upgrades to its publication have seen print runs as high as 15,000 in a month and a 64 page full gloss, full colour magazine. A new website launched late 2015 incorporates many new features unique in New Zealand.

express Magazine has a wide distribution throughout NZ but like the target audience, most of the 8,500 – 15,000 copies printed per month are distributed in Auckland. It is also now available online for access worldwide.

Seventy specifically-designed and built stands are used to stock many of the printed magazines. The magazine is bulk distributed to a total of 78 separate delivery confirmed sites in Auckland and throughout NZ, with a further 870 copies posted to smaller distribution sites, MPs, senior government officials, clients, potential clients and subscribers.

With the website upgrades, monthly audience numbers are expanding and now exceed 15,000 on a regular basis. express is also dominant on social media.

express is unique in the NZ media landscape.

• express successfully offers clients an integrated approach to reaching and communicating with their clients and potential clients. Advertisers enjoy the benefits of both print and digital media working in combination.

• express magazine is the only print publication regularly published in NZ which has as its target audience the gay community, specifically gay men aged 16 – 44 years. This target market is sought after by many successful and leading marketers – as demonstrated in any issue of express magazine or in any month on its website. The majority of key advertisers with express are on annual contracts and have been with the organisation for a number of years. Major regular advertisers include the following market leaders –

Malcom Pacific Immigration
Skycity Auckland



Auckland Live

Family Bar 


• And many smaller but regular advertisers such as LawWorks, Wingate, Basement, Eurolife and Body Positive.

• Major irregular advertisers in the last few months also include Boulgaris Realty, Auckland Art Gallery, Audi, Working Style, Durex, Ansell, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda and Mini.

• express is held in very high regard by its target audience. Readers appreciate and recognise advertisers who advertise specifically to them by appearing in their publication. These advertisers are telling readers that they are important and valued. This “halo” effect and the appreciation readers have for advertisers was demonstrated in a past survey where 70 per cent of participants claimed they try to support advertisers in express.