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Graph Nov 2015

express magazine is the sole publication in New Zealand targeting the gay community and reaches more of the gay community than almost all other publications. The monthly 40 + page magazine is available in both printed form and online.


express website is experiencing strong growth, particularly since a dedicated editor was put in charge mid 2014. It is clearly the market leader in terms of design, content and advertising support. Over 100,000 users accessed the site during the 12 month period to 31 May 2015.

express magazine has changed over the years and going monthly with increased pagination has resulted in a major cost reduction for regular advertisers.

The introduction of a combination rate card gives the extra benefits of a leading gay website at effectively no extra cost. Conversely a full colour print advertisement can be available at a heavily discounted cost to web advertisers.

express offers, in both print and digital formats, a gay editorial environment. People consciously read or view the magazine or website because they are interested in the content. Compare this with a poster site or bus side which are more likely to be a distraction – if consciously noted at all.

Using non targeted media to get to the gay community can be very wasteful due to the low incidence of the target audience – (approximately 6% of the general population). Of 100 readers of express magazine or website the great majority will be gay or lesbian. Using a general interest publication (or an outdoor site) approximately 6 are gay/lesbian .

express can uniquely offer much more than an advertising vehicle. Competition and giveaways are very popular in getting audience participation in both print and digital formats. Feature/page/article sponsorships are also available and have been successfully used to present a softer/less direct message when required. Inserts are one of the additional advantages available with a print publication and have proved very successful indeed recently when the magazine was also used as a new product distribution vehicle. These forms of innovative marketing opportunities that are available make express unique in the gay media market.

Each express magazine includes a major Feature of the month. The annual Sex Issue was in June 2015, the Winter Activities Feature is included in the July issue and August has one of the largest Features of the year – Home and Living for example. Clients can customise their artwork to take advantage of each month’s feature.

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