Advertising with express

express offers you a multi media approach to the affluent and influential gay and lesbian market in New Zealand.

A campaign for a month can cost as little as $200 + gst if volume discounts are applicable. For this you can get a web MINI spot or a HALF BLOCK display advertisement in the full colour gloss magazine. More comprehensive campaigns utilise both print and digital media to maximise both reach and frequency.

Click on the image below to download the current rate card, which also includes technical specs. Alternatively contact Matt on 09 360 7671 or email [email protected] for a tailor-made solution to your business budget and needs.


Gay Express Rate Card, Effective April 2015

About express

express is a monthly full colour glossy magazine distributed nationally. It is also a website which carries the very latest news, current affairs and opinion.

express has been publishing for over 23 years and is the sole publication in NZ dedicated to the key gay and lesbian market.

It has a strong reputation for the quality and independence in its news, reviews, interviews and social reporting.

express has a full time professional Editor with 5 years experience aided by 2 assistant editors covering news and social reporting. Clients are looked after by our Business Manager, Matt Fistonich and our high standards of design are met by Patric Seng. Other part timers supervise delivery, mail out, photography and specific editorial features.

With its reputation and wide coverage among many key audiences – including industry leaders, politicians, policy makers, as well as the GLBT community, express has frequent access to and interviews with political, business and opinion leaders that would be unheard of elsewhere.












Advertising with express – A Very Attractive Market

The New Zealand gay and lesbian market is a big niche market for marketers of a whole range of consumer goods and services – particularly when the key “leading edge” group – those early adopters – need to be communicated with.

They are young, urban, employed and highly educated individuals.


They are also affluent and discerning – as well as being big spenders on airline travel, telephony, autos, literature, music, the arts, apparel, food and beverage, furnishings and other home improvement items.






express offers unique levels of audience loyalty which extends to advertisers. Over 70 per cent of magazine readers say they support advertisers in express – imagine what percentage say they support advertisers in other magazines or newspapers?

Many advertisers initially believe the gay and lesbian market can be reached using mainstream media. However, only 63 per cent are reached by a combination of every daily newspaper in New Zealand for instance.

Readership patterns confirm readers’ special relationship with express – with an average issue readership time of 36.5 minutes, an average issue being picked up 3.6 times and almost all issues being picked up and read. In addition up to 30,000 views per week (and growing) from gives advertisers real presents in this key market.


Readership survey








Advertising with express – Opportunities Available

express offers a wide range of different promotional and advertising options for advertisers, designed to suit different budgets and objectives.

All campaign packages except for the very smallest come with both print and electronic components to give the best of both media.

The Directory section is designed for regular service providers. The body of the magazine includes larger advertisements (from ¼ page up) and again include a web spot on our website. Special positions are available on request such as page 2 – or with a feature article.

These larger advertisements in the magazine come with larger MAXI spot advertisements on the web. Again special options such as a web surround or web banner are available for maximum effect.

Special magazine options include 4 page external wraps, insertions or editorial features and sponsorships. Note particularly over the PRIDE FESTIVAL period early bookings are advised!

Advertising with express – Summary

The gay and lesbian market in New Zealand is made up of highly educated and affluent individuals, characteristically those “early adopters” marketers place a high priority on reaching and influencing.

And almost uniquely, this top niche market can be reached by using just one multi-media outlet, express.




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