Oliver Hall Editor

OliverAfter writing for music magazines in Sydney and Perth, Oliver first joined express when he moved to New Zealand 2003 as Entertainment Editor, before worked his way up to Deputy Editor and then Editor. He left the magazine in his signature flamboyant style 2007 in the midst of filming reality TV show The Outlook. After gaining further media experience in New Zealand and the UK, Hall travelled the world and returned to express to work on the magazine and website’s exciting new era.



Regan Cotter
Business Manager

ReganComing to express in 2014 Regan Cotter is a fresh face to compliment express’ fresh look. Regan loves the multi-faceted nature of his job putting together exciting monthly advertising offers and proposals to managing the day-to-day office duties – he does it with a smile on his face. Outside of the office Regan is a fitness freak who likes to get physical! He shuns the gymnasium for the great outdoors and can often be found running up Mt Eden on weekends.




Anthony Hotere aka Tess TickleAnthony-Hotere1  Sales & Marketing
You might know him as the fabulous and uproarious Tess Tickle who has been wowing the Auckland scene with high-quality drag since returning from the Sydney limelight in 2008, but Anthony is also a star member of our advertising team. Ever since our sales guru Jordan then asked him to come on board Anthony’s never looked back. By day he’s a trained video editor and is versed in digital media, but by night his sequined alter-ego has performed in mammoth events like the Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony, Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony, Sydney Mardi Gras Parades and Parties, and the iconic WOW Awards. You can safely say Anthony has both sides of the entertainment world covered, so we’re lucky to have his broad knowledge and love for the community on our advertising team.


Amy Jane Todd
Publisher & Design

Amy’s role is to oversee the running of the express and ensure its success financially and ethically. She also directs the design, marketing and branding of express in its many guises. Previously Amy worked as the Branding and Marketing manager of Premium Real Estate Group and as a designer for Brand New World, an advertising agency in Sydney. She has designed for many brands apart from the last six years with express, including The Australian, Merrily Lynch, Sunbeam, Kia Motors and Australian Doctors International. And has produced ads for publication in Conde Naste, Trend Magazine, Who, The New Zealand Herald, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age and KiaOra (Air New Zealands inflight magazine), among many others. Amy has traveled extensively and has an intense interest in the spectrum of cultures and societies of people both in New Zealand and around the world. She has lived in Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, Sydney, Milan, Prague and London. Amy is a practicing artist, having had exhibitions of her work in Vienna, Melbourne and Auckland. She lives in an old villa in Ponsonby with a lovely garden along with her dog Lady Penelope.



Tux Hika
Editorial Assistant & Chief Photographer
Tux is seasoned photographer who has supported express through exciting event shots and stunning studio work, having done a number of striking covers and centrefolds for the magazine. He has an interest in fashion photography and has worked as a runway photographer at Air New Zealand Fashion Week for two years, as well as many other catwalk shows. In his spare time, Tux enjoys times with friends and sun-filled days taking photos at the beach, reading crime novels and volunteers his time as much as he can to the NZAF packing condoms and lube for GLBTI venues.


Robert Barry
Contributing writer – Cars
Auckland-based motoring editor Robert Barry has been reviewing cars, trucks, utes and vans for nearly a decade and he has contributed stories and photographs to daily newspapers, magazines, web sites and even co-hosted a television series dedicated to cars. A member of the NZ Motoring Writers Guild, and the editor-at-large of the business publication NZ Company Vehicle magazine, Robert is a specialist in reviewing vehicles for fleet and business operators.


Evan Donnelly
Contributing photographerEvan
Cameras attracted Evan’s attention at a young age from when he claimed his mothers old Instamatic Camera (the Polaroid was forbidden!) through to High School when he sacrificed his takeaway spending to buy a big new SLR (back in the dark old days of film). Jump forward a couple of decades & digital has renewed those early desires. Now Photography has reasserted itself and he has been busily getting familiar with the DSLR format. Evan has his sights firmly set on the growing Gay Marriage market and other related events out there in our community.

Alex Efimoff
Wellington photographer
A long way from his homeland of Russia, Alex has a through background in the arts.  Raised in an artistic household, his history takes him deep into the world of graphic arts and involvement in a landmark web portal company in Moscow, but for the past 11 years he’s honing his craft behind the lens of a camera. He thrives on making each image speak for itself, letting the photos tell their own story. We’re indeed chuffed to have Alex on board to help tell the story of our Wellington Community.


Connor Ellis
Dunedin photographerConnor
Having moved here from England seven years ago, Connor has two certificates in Art and Photography and is currently studying a diploma in detail photography. He’s a fashion and night club based photographer with a fair bit of experience that includes the ID fashion show, school formals, weddings, 21st and a lot of parties and gigs. Connor is well known in Dunedin scene as a nightclub photographer and is also co-founder of The Confederation that lunched mid-2013 and is growing. He loves capturing the party life – the passion and feeling that people are forgetting about everything that worry’s them and going for it – really living by that YOLO saying hah.


Mark Garrison
Contributing writer
Mark emigrated to New Zealand in 2010 and is thrilled to be writing for and about the GLBT community. Originally from Vancouver Canada, Mark is a graduate of Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication and Langara College’s school of journalism. When he is not writing stories for Express, Mark pursues acting and is an active blogger. Despite his love of words, writing, and literature, he has yet to win a game of Scrabble against his husband Sanjeev.


Alexander Lowë
Opinion and feature writerAlexander
Alexander is an expat from Eastern Europe recovering in New Zealand’s shores after his life’s shipwreck and spilt from his partner of 12 years. He is qualified in aircraft engineering but works now in the travel industry. He also has passion for history, arts, advertising and psychology. For several years Alexander has been a volunteer weekend guide in the Auckland Memorial Museum and also a guide on at the Tiritiri Matangi island sanctuary.


Hamish Milne
Music reviewer

Hamish has been in and around the Christchurch gay scene since 2003. From 2007-2010 he worked for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, and was involved in running 3 Christchurch Pride weeks. In 2009 he help launch Bears Christchurch and he maintains strong connections to the NZ Bear community from his new base, Hamilton, where he lives with his partner Raymond. Musically his tastes are everywhere, leaning towards local and independent sounds.


Joey Macdonald
Contributing writer
Joey is currently living in Auckland, working at Affinity Services as a Rainbow Community Liaison and Trainer. He loves strong coffee, critical cultural studies, and his cat Bobby D. He’s passionate about social justice and community development (as queer bedmates) and is also part of Genderbridge, a local trans* support group.



Sam Orchard
Contributing writer/cartoonist
Sam Orchard has been drawing since he was a little girl. He is an artist, activist, queer transman and geek. He spends his spare time drawing comics about being queer and trans – especially for his comic blog: He also thinks that comics are awesome.


Diana Rands
Columnist – CADS, health and addiction 

Diana’s first column for express was ‘Di’s Dos and Don’ts’ in Nov.2001 – it was one of her first tasks in her new role at Auckland CADS as Gay Communities Trainer. This first column did not last long, but was reinstated in January 2006 and is still going strong. The role at CADS (and recently at OUTline) makes the most of Diana’s many years of experience. Her roles have included: social worker, family therapist, partner in an outdoor adventure company ‘Wanderwomen’ and trainer. Last year she and her partner tied the knot, and between them they have three wonderful children, who all have at least two lesbian mothers!


Andrew Rumbles
Book reviewer

Andrew Rumbles has wide experience in both book publishing and retail, and was also one of the driving forces behind the first Hero Party! Andrew is an experienced writer and avid book lover who brings his experience in hunting out the best GLBT books to express with his reviews.



Patric Seng
Contributing photographer
Patric Seng is a photographer specialising in people and corporate photography. Running his client-friendly, service-oriented business Saya Design, he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and he values working closely with his clients. Based in Auckland, Patric and his team are creating outstanding visuals everyday.



Roz Simpson
Contributing writerRoz
Roz is a Scottish queer feminist who made Auckland her home after many adventures abroad. When she’s not tearing it up on the mountain bike trails she can be found swinging a mic at spoken word nights or playing her bright orange ukulele. She’s passionate about supporting queer and trans* youth in education and is researching the importance of having GLBTI role models in schools.